Winners insist on Mintex.


With a winning formula stretching back to the 1920s and over 100 years of experience, Mintex Racing Brake pads deliver proven performance on a daily basis.

Developed and engineered by TMD Friction, one of the globes largest manufacturers of OE brake friction, and used by some of the world’s very best drivers Mintex has helped many teams to victory.

Slide 1955
Mike Hawthorn - Ivor Bueb
1st Le Mans, Jaguar D Type,
Jaguar Cars Team
Stirling Moss - Tony Brooks
British Grand Prix at Aintree,
Vanwall, 1st and 2nd for Mintex
Jack Brabham
1st Monaco Grand Prix,
Cooper Climax
Ford Escort Mk1
Original Equipment
Roger Clark - Tony Mason
1st Mintex Dales Rally,
Ford Escort
1977 Ari Vatanen - Peter Bryant
1st Mintex Rally,
Ford Escort RS
1979 Stig Blomqvist
1st Mintex International Rally,
Saab Turbo
Hannu Mikkola - Arne Hertz
1st Mintex International Rally,
Ford Escort RS1800 MK2
1986 Ford Sierra Cosworth
Original Equipment
Colin MacRae
First WRC event,
Mintex Equipped Vauxhall Nova
1990 TVR
Original Equipment
1990 Richard Burns
Peugeot Challenge Champion,
205 GTI
1996 Jason Plato
Renault Spider Champion,
All Cars used Mintex M1166
2002 Ascar Series
All cars Mintex Equipped
2005 Mini Challenge
All cars Mintex Equipped
Seat Cupra Cup
All cars Mintex Equipped
2006 Ultima GTR breaks
0-100-0mph record Ultima
GTR, Car uses Mintex F4R
2009 Daniel Ricciardo
British Formula 3 Champion,
Team Carlin
2013 Daniil Kvyat
1st Formula 3 European race
at Zandvoot, Team Carlin
2016 Mintex MX1188 Compound
Fitted as standard to the limited
Edition Mini JCW Challenge road car
2017 Brett Smith
Mini Challenge JCW Class Champion
2019 James Cornell
Mini Challenge,
JCW Class Champion
2019 Peden Neilsen, Drift Racer
Pro Class Irish Drift Championship
2018 Ant Whorton-Eales
Mini Challenge,
JCW Class Champion
2021 Lewis Brown
Lewis Drivers the Mintex JCW
2020 Nathan Harrison
Mini Challenge, JCW Class Champion